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16A41006-1, Hose Assembly, Air Start, F-16
This is a USED hose assembly, Lockheed PN 16A41006-1, NSN 4720-01-042-4716.

Our price: $500.00 (€435.00)
1C2995G2, J-79 Jet Engine Gauge Set
This is a General Electric Model 1C2995G2 Gauge Set for the J79-15 Jet Engine.

Our price: $150.00 (€130.50)
1D50964-1, 357001A, Holding Fixture, Turret, MMS, OH-58
This is a turret holding fixture used with the OH-58 Hiowa Warrior Mast Mounted Sight MMS, McDonnell Douglas PN 1D50964-1, 357001A.

Our price: $750.00 (€652.50)
5009, AC Frequency Meter Set, 60, 400 Hertz
This is a portable AC meter set for 60 and or 400 Hertz. A & M Model 5009.

Our price: $75.00 (€65.25)
74D110116-1001, Cover, Vent, Engine Bay, F-18
This is a NEW, Engine bay, Vent, Ground Cover Plate, Boeing PN 74D110116-1001, NSN 1730-01-078-7113.

Our price: $20.00 (€17.40)
BH361-8, Junction Box
This is a junction box for a engine test set, Howell PN BH361-8, NSN 4920-00-329-8294. This unit has one, 4 conductor male connector (input), and eight, 4 conductor female connectors (output). The junction box is in fir physical condition. USED Surplus.

Our price: $50.00 (€43.50)
PD1408, Torque Multiplier, Power-Dyne
This is a torque multiplier tool assembly, Power-dyne PN PD1408.

Our price: $250.00 (€217.50)
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